The most important piece of the puzzle is you. At eBook Dude it is important for me to get to know you through an interview where I ask a series of questions. These questions will lay the groundwork for what will be written in your guide or book. The next part of the process depends on whether you are writing a guide or a book. So let’s nail down what will be done for each.

Book Writing

Once the interview process is complete, we can go over some design options and get your book launch landing page up. It is built on a custom WordPress theme and provides information aimed at marketing your book and making sure your audience knows what to expect. This will also help generate leads from the start, by connecting the site to your social media accounts, where we will help create a strategy to market your book.

After that, you receive the book and it’s yours! We announce the book launch on the website and create new links to it from your personal and/or business sites.

Guide Writing

When writing a guide for you we create a design specific to your guide that will appeal to your audience. Upon approval of the design, we get started on creating content aimed at marketing your guide by announcing it and displaying the announcement prominently on your website until launch. During this time the guide will be written according to your answers from the interview. And finally, we send you your new guide! It’s yours! We announce the launch of the guide on your website and ensure it is being linked to from multiple locations.


The total cost for a 120 page eBook is $4750, while the total cost of a 20 page guide is $650. Half of the cost is due up front upon signing a contract to write your guide or book.

Let’s schedule a call to discuss in more detail at (919) 964-1188 or Contact the eBook Dude!