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eBook Dude will help you build credibility and show your audience that you know what you’re talking about, by ghostwriting a guide or eBook with your name on it. There are people in your industry right now who have done it. They’ve written a guide, a book, maybe both, and their customers keep coming back. That could be you! Something as simple as a 20 page guide, or as much as a 120 page eBook, could increase your audience and boost your potential earnings for your business. Get in Touch so we can get started today!

Gain More Clients

Writing a book or a guide can show potential clients your credibility within your field, and help you attract new opportunities.

Build Your Brand

Building your brand is important. It will get a nice boost from having your own guide or book written with your name on it.

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How it Works?

We set up a meeting to go over your background, your business, and what you want you want teach your audience. This is done through a series of questions.

From there the content you provided will be turned into a professionally written guide or book, and we work on the marketing strategy.

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